About Us

AV Automotive Research is a brand of automotive information services, research and consulting owned by Rinkodaros Projektai UAB. Started up back in 1994, it is now the leading supplier of automotive market intelligence in the Baltic States, covering Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We offer the most sophisticated products and services with the highest quality.

AV Automotive Research regular and customised offerings are suited for:

  • vehicle manufacturers,
  • regional distributors,
  • local importers and dealers,
  • global automotive information suppliers,
  • industry analysts and consultants,
  • marketing and advertising agencies,
  • leasing and rental companies,
  • banks and other financial institutions,
  • insurance companies,
  • aftermarket suppliers,
  • petroleum companies,
  • internet providers and portals,
  • governmental and municipality institutions.

We would welcome any possibility to cooperate with you in meeting your needs concerning any single Baltic country or the whole region. Thus, please find out more about our regular products and services. In case you will not find here what you are looking for, please apply for a customised solution.