New Vehicle Registrations Information System

AV Automotive Research has developed an information system on daily new vehicle registrations. The system is operating on the internet in an automatic way employing partly processed source data and includes all registered vehicles as of yesterday. It enables to follow up and analyse all the new vehicles registered every day or during any selected period.

The system contains Passenger cars and Light commercial vehicles (M1, N1), Trucks and road tractors (N2, N3), Minibuses, buses & coaches (M2, M3), Trailers & semi-trailers (O1-O4) as well as Mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles & quadricycles (L1-L7). Data can be presented by make (brand) only or by make & model. Anyone can choose year-to-date, month-to-date, previous month, previous day or any undefined period. There is a possibility to compare current data with the same period last year or the previous period. Data can be grouped into days, months or years.

The system can also give some data details, such as registration status, GVW, body type, fuel type, engine size, engine output, user/owner type (n.a. for Estonia), region (place of registration).

Every person can get a non-transferable individual access. Any potential client, interested in the system, can get a restricted (demo) access free of charge and after that purchase a permanent one.

All three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) are covered by the system.

# Access plan Data* description LV** HV*** SR**** MM*****
A Minimal make, no comparison LVa HVa SRa MMa
B Basic make, make & model, no comparison LVb HVb SRb MMb
C BasicPlus make, make & model, comparison LVc HVc SRc MMc
D Major make, make & model, status, GVW, comparison LVd HVd SRd MMd
E Complete make, make & model, all data details******, comparison LVe HVe SRe MMe

* all the data periods and groups are included in any version; ** light vehicles (passenger cars & light commercial vehicles); *** heavy vehicles (trucks & road tractors and minibuses, buses & coaches); **** trailers & semi-trailers (light & heavy ones); ***** mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles & quadricycles; ****** status, GVW, body type, fuel type, engine size, engine output, region, user/owner type (n.a. for Estonia)